Made To Order Cabinets That Don’t Break The Bank.

VBC offers wholesale and bulk cabinets for 3rd party manufacturers and distributors.

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Designed to meet the demands of kitchen, bathroom, and storage needs across an entire project.

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Custom casework beyond just the kitchen.

Our frameless cabinet collections are designed with contemporary European lines that feature a closely fitted, flush overlay door on the cabinet case. These cabinets have no face frame, and hinges are fastened to the inside panels of the cabinet box. They are an excellent choice for maximizing space in the multifamily market providing a modern and efficient solution.

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Good design doesn’t have to be expensive.

VMX products are consistently designed and manufactured with quality materials and finishes. We offer complete project solutions through one efficient source, simplifying selection, specification, and delivery.

Our cabinet line offers some of the most impressive features you'll find anywhere. 

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Standard Features. Our cabinets have soft-close doors and drawers, high-pressure laminate, metal drawer boxes, and multiple color options. Other companies consider these upgrades. These are our standards.

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Durability. Our solutions serve your specific needs with superior cleaning ability, long-term durability, and simple maintenance. Our cabinets are the everyday choice that will last you long into the future.

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The most advanced cabinet line in the US.

Produced in our advanced manufacturing facility in Tracy, CA, our cabinets come to life in a tightly integrated, quality-obsessed environment. We control every step of the process from design to manufacturing, relying on the best materials, precision manufacturing, and a highly skilled team to deliver premium quality at a great value.


Built to stand the test of time.

Quality Matters. You will never find cam locks in our cabinets. Our assembly is fully doweled and glued with a robust carcass.


Thermally Fused Laminate. Many TFL patterns simulate real wood as well as stained, velvet, and suede finishes and textures. Enjoy the high price look without the cost.


Manufactured in the US. Our state of the art cabinet line combined with our supply chain buying power allows us to meet schedules and adjust quickly to market demand.

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