VBC | Construction

VBC | Construction is an expert in volumetric modular construction specializing in setting modular units and as general contractor for any multifamily projects. We have perfected our process to guarantee construction of any building in up to ½ the time of standard on-site construction.

Over the last 10 years, VBC | Construction has evolved from building residential homes, to townhomes, to now building the largest volumetric modular stick built multifamily buildings in Philadelphia. Our growth was built on safety, quality and excellence led by an expert team that has delivered over 1,000 living units in the last three years alone. We work as one, integrating ourselves into our client’s business so every step of the process is efficient and exceeds client expectations.

this process provides a much quicker ROI as a truly turnkey product at the end of construction

Working within the Volumetric Business Companies team of expert divisions, we’re able to problem-solve directly with the architects and manufacturing teams to assure that site requirements are met and any potential issues eliminated prior the final construction of the building. This new industry process provides a much quicker ROI, while also assuring the least amount of oversite from the client in what translates into a truly turnkey product at the end of construction. From larger townhome complexes, to multi building 7 story apartment complexes, VBC | Construction is leading the revolution within the multifamily construction industry helping simplify complex problems with expert solutions.

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