VBC | Manufacturing

VBC | Manufacturing is an efficient and expert volumetric modular manufacturer that builds thousands of living spaces for multifamily housing a year, delivered throughout the United States. With leading technologies and an expert labor force, the team at VBC | Manufacturing has perfected the assembly-line methodology assuring the highest quality and efficiency for our clients.

Acquired by Volumetric Building Companies in early 2019, VBC | Manufacturing has a long history of manufacturing offsite residential modular homes throughout the United States.  Over the last 2 years, the factory has transitioned into standardizing process to efficiently transition into the multifamily industry and double weekly output to meet demands. Our factory-built units are safe from the elements, unlike site-built structures, and built at a higher quality to assure safe travel creating a stronger, more weather resistant building from beginning to end.

Our volumetric modular units are built to exact specifications to meet all site requirements

Working intimately with our other divisions, VBC | Studio and VBC | Construction, our volumetric modular units are built to exact specifications to meet all site requirements and expedite the build during the set and construction process. This vertically integrated model allows for systems and infrastructure to work together to streamline and simplify a complex problems.

Our Team