As modular building practices become more prevalent in a crowded the marketplace, previous traditions are being challenged like never before. Forget the paneled trailer previously associated with this industry.

Architects have discovered that modular construction capabilities have expanded to allow for a wide variety of design styles to compliment any client’s preferred aesthetic. As an architect, working with VBC helps you meet the goals of any project.


VBC has extensive modular experience, which has allowed us to create design, production and specification standards that allow an Architect to more easily transition to off-site construction. We have compiled standard construction details that are production friendly and apply value engineering practices that streamline all design disciplines. Considering a modular project? Reach out to us to discuss dimensional restrictions, construction typing, assembly options, and nuances of modular construction that will help you design for off-site!


An architect might need to interface with a number of different engineers for a particular building project. All necessary engineering fields needed for your project — including structural, civil, electrical, and others — can collaborate together with our factory team, and not just with you, the architect. Freeing up more of your time and allowing a more cohesive experience. This eliminates a majority of errors, omissions, needless risks, and minimizes the cost for field change orders.

If you’re looking to design a modular building, VBC can help. We specialize in bringing together the best talent before assembling your project on the production line. It’s in our mission to provide members of our industry with a seamless transition to a modular construction program. Contact us for more information about our design services.