By constructing your project with modular components, your buildings can be finished quicker, occupied faster, and stabilized without ongoing construction. This means happier tenants and a higher performing building months ahead of schedule. In addition, there are fewer opportunities for changes and delays which could cost you time and money. All of this creates a quicker Return on Investment.


Site-built construction occurs piece by piece, in a very linear approach. By contrast, a modular-built project occurs in a more non-traditional way that allows for maximum efficiency, taking advantage of simultaneous construction and a climate controlled work environment. That provides time savings, which equates to a decrease in overall costs from a variety of angles.

Specification & Review Process

Integrating the specification, review, design, and building process saves valuable time throughout the overall implementation of a project. Architects and general contractors move with higher velocity because they collaborate early and often.

Construction Phase

The construction phase of a modular building project occurs prior to installation, which means that many issues site-built construction faces are mitigated. This process becomes more seamless, making it easier for real estate investors to predict and plan their portfolio.

Reduce Back Charges

During traditional construction projects, often times change orders that are unforeseen at the onset of a project jeopardize budget compliance. With modular construction, these issues are managed prior to ground-breaking, reducing the need and cost of back charges during the project itself.


By saving time during design and construction, real estate investors see a savings in the cost of their projects. This occurs at nearly every stage of development and compounds as more aspects of the process become modular.

Efficient Use of Materials

By budgeting exactly which materials need to be used, modular construction reduces the amount of material waste properties generate.

Vertically Integrated

The typical costs of construction have been disparate and continue to be separate in traditional site-built projects. Modular building with Volumetric Building Companies is a vertically integrated operation, which saves real estate investors time by eliminating the need to manage multiple disciplines or sub contractors.
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