It’s been 90 days since I joined VBC, and I’m just excited today about the business as I was when I first started, and what excites me the most is our people, YOU. Because of you, VBC has produced, through its integrated design, manufacturing, and construction services, some of the most notable projects in the volumetric construction industry. VBC is a young company, and in the last five years alone, it has grown over 2,000%, making it one of the fastest-growing businesses in the Philadelphia region, so you should all be proud of your accomplishments

2020 delivered the most challenging economic environment encountered in our lifetime, with business closures experienced in all sectors and unemployment rising. VBC was able to sustain its operations, secure additional contracts, and increase its workforce. If we can do this in 2020, imagine what we can do next year!

Looking into 2021 and beyond, our number one priority is to align our efforts and objectives towards a shared business vision: Simplify complex issues by integrating architecture, logistics, manufacturing, and construction into a single package to produce multifamily housing solutions in less time at a greater return.

To achieve this, we will follow ten business principles:

  1. People: let’s make sure we’re utilizing everyone’s skills effectively to realize the growth and development we all deserve. 
  2. Processes: most commonly used term in business, yet the least followed. We will implement procedures that are relevant, efficient, and simple. 
  3. Tools: we have too many; let’s choose the ones that help us do our job best. 
  4. Training: processes and tools are useless without practical and continuous training.
  5. Metrics: measurement is key to evaluating progress; let’s look at what matters the most.
  6. Reporting: let’s standardize what we want to track and share consistently.
  7. Accountability: we are all leaders through our ability to accept responsibility.
  8. Innovation: we are setting the standard; let’s continue to disrupt the industry.
  9. Brand: we have a strong market presence; we will continue to build on what Vaughan started.
  10. Culture: we are all VBC!

Over the next few days, the VBC division and department leaders will be finalizing their 2021 business plans and operating budgets. As part of the 2021 planning process, the top business priorities and initiatives will be identified to maintain the focus we need to execute our plan and achieve our vision. 

Some of these critical priorities will revolve around continuing to support our standardized design models developed by VBC Studio, in addition to streamlining the design and engineering processes to produce standardized bill of materials to support the production process. VBC Manufacturing will continue its efforts to optimize production output with the support of the newly developed POD line, specialized assembly workshops, improved operational efficiencies and effective supply chain channels supported by digitated inventory management systems. VBC Construction will be supported with enhanced estimating and scheduling tools, a more advanced project management platform, and better-defined quality and safety systems. The newly created Project Management group will consolidate key project controls, centralize task management and consolidate project deliverables across the different business divisions and disciplines.

All corporate functions are tasked with outlining key initiatives that will support the 2021 plan. These vary from standardizing our pipeline reporting in Business Development to consolidated project budgets and schedules in Project Management to reviewing our current on-boarding process in HR.

VBC is a dynamic business with unlimited potential. However, it’s also a growing business. With that comes the responsibility of building an operating infrastructure that will support and sustain this growth. I look forward to working with you in 2021 and being part of its continued growth and success.

Stay safe, and I hope you enjoy your family and friends during this holiday season.