Through the many site and logistical challenges experienced throughout this project; including excessive groundwater, record-setting rainfall, last-minute design changes, material and heavy equipment staging, we still successfully achieved TCO by 5/20/19. This is a huge accomplishment for the entire VBC Field Ops team, considering foundation began less than a year ago. Without delays with installation of the elevators, we would be tracking towards CO next week further proving the efficiency of commercial modular construction and our team. The entire VBC/RLS/BRR teams, along with our sub-contractors, are succeeding against our client’s expedited schedule demands. As VBC’s first full turnkey design build GC of this magnitude, building the tallest modular mid-rise building in Philadelphia to date, other GC’s and potential clients are taking notice.

Stats for Chestnut:

From the field:

Chestnut nearing completion 125 and 133 S 46th foundations are ready for Modules 1150 N American the hole is getting bigger


125 and 133 S 46th on the line! 1150 N American material is starting to arrive