We had 3 team leads visit us in Philadelphia this week. We spent two days working on 125 and 133 South 46th Street. Mike came to the conclusion that roughly 8 plumbing stacks where missed during fabrication and 3 water supply lines. We cut open walls to allow these repairs to be made. Our site plumber stopped by and worked through the issues that he had encountered.  The plans that where brought where very helpful and showed that our plumber had actually hooked up a couple of drain lines incorrectly.  

Travis worked with the electricians mostly discussing conduits and how to run them in the future so they are more useful.

John and Brody discussed the ship loose process and how items should not be split up.  The belief is if we keep the material together on a first floor box it will help the field team.

On the 3rd day we toured our current sites.  We went to Chestnut, Dwell, and American.

I am interested to see the report that they put together.