Over the last few months there has been a major effort to build a coalition led by Vaughan Buckley of Volumetric Building Companies and Colby Swanson of Momentum Innovation Group. During this time their work, along with several team members from each of their organizations, has grown the Modular Mobilization Coalition into 15 signatory members with over 2 dozen factories poised to build on a standardized modular platform.

MMC Factory Locations

At the beginning, the coalition was born from an idea to provide immediate assistance to the growing healthcare shortage due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The initial idea immediately got attention with the plans and proposals making their way all the way to the White House and the House of Representatives within the first 48 hours of release. In fact, some of the language used to allocate shelter dollars in the first Stimulus Package was built from the MMC proposal. As the needs for healthcare facilities across the nation went unrealized, the coalition quickly pivoted to begin communicating the long-term benefits that were originally built into the solution. The MMC focus was to get ahead of the coming housing crises that will plague America’s most vulnerable citizens; American’s in need of affordable housing: the homeless, Veterans, senior citizens, and more. With this long-term vision, a new strategy for the standardized footprint, how it would be implemented, and how we could communicate our solution to the many public and private organizations that would be focusing on this in the future.

VBC team members from the VBC | Studio, VBC | Construction, VBC | Manufacturing, and VBC | Creative divisions locked arms and revised the platform within days, arming the representatives from the MMC with a smart, innovative solution. This quick reactive approach addresses all the housing crises with a standardized footprint that can be massed produced across the country in multiple factories. Wasting no time, Colby, Vaughan, Dana Spain, and members from the PreCon team of VBC | Manufacturing and the VBC | Creative division began a 24/7 outreach program. What is normally done in months, or years, was completed in weeks. This new program has already resulted in several submitted bids, and in just the last week over 10 hard leads for potential future business.

Our country united individuals and businesses together to help build a foundation for a better life, lifting ourselves up from the trenches. As American citizens, as members of the MMC, and as part of the VBC family, each of us will help revolutionize our industry and make modular the solution that will help rebuild America!

The goals behind our work are as follows:

  1. Provide solutions to address the issues facing healthcare facility shortages, for both the private sector and Government.
  2. Provide a safe place for those not directly affected with the virus to continue with the care they still require.
  3. Provide a package that addresses short-term crisis needs, that is cost effective and easily transferred to attack the affordable housing crisis after the virus has subsided.
  4. Develop plans that are easily replicated to be used industry-wide for mass distribution while also helping the modular manufacturing industry establish a life-safety classification so they can keep their doors open, and employees at work.

Directly drive business that will allow VBC to maintain as close to normal business as possible.

Below is a list of activity since the previous update published here.

Wednesday, May 20

Colby and Vaughan on Dave Cooper Live – https://www.linkedin.com/video/live/urn:li:ugcPost:6668888295382016000/

Tuesday, May 19

Proposal response for NE comes back very positive and working towards pricing and final stages of negotiations.

Monday, May 18

New leads through Social campaign with opportunity out west.

Sunday, May 17

NREL video drives interest in the MMC and provides a direct lead for opportunity for NY. Team reaches out and begins the conversations.

Friday, May 15

Two more leads come in from the Social campaign. Direct outreach to these leads to cultivate the opportunity is began.

Thursday, May 14

Additional leads come in.

Wednesday, May 13

First leads come in from the Social campaign. Work begins on proposal documents for potential opportunity in the NE. Party very interested and is first multi-million project opportunity for the MMC.

Tuesday, May 12

Forbes article on the MMC featuring Vaughan Buckley is published with national distribution – https://www.forbes.com/sites/jennifercastenson/2020/05/12/prefab-needs-to-be-fixed-before-it-can-save-housing/#5ead84e5291d

Monday, May 11

Sara Logan, VP of Design for VBC | Studio is on Dave Cooper Live to talk about Architecture and Engineering advantages in modular and how that helped drive the creation of the MMC –https://www.linkedin.com/posts/davecooperlive_linkedinlive-dclive-construction-activity-6665602742590992384-UjjS

Friday, May 8

New campaign strategy begins roll out with a direct lead gen form built within Social Media. Positioning statement and tagline proposal submitted to MMC action team for feedback. “United in Housing America” is born.

Thursday, May 7

Pitch to national network is released. Social campaign pauses to analyze data and lock in on successful messaging for outreach. One pager finalized.

Wednesday, May 6

Work begins on final positioning statement and tagline for the MMC for release by EOW.

Tuesday, May 5

The development of an overview one-page document for the MMC laying out the high-level solutions that it provides. Meant to be a conversation starter that will be used on website and in direct messaging/sponsored post ads. Discussion begins to develop additional focused one-pagers that talk to the specific opportunity markets we will be pursuing as well as dialing down to the channels within each market. Action group named for help in deciding on the marketing approach for the positioning statements moving forward. 3rd party reaches out about potential partnership to help drive the business platform further.

Monday, May 4

First lead comes in from the Direct Messaging Campaign. MMC receives proposal from 3rd party group to help with PR around the MMC foundation to engage with companies, individuals, and other foundations for the sponsorship of facility(s) around the country. Team begins a follow-up strategy to maintain communication with potential leads.

Friday, May 1

Next official MMC member meeting discussing objectives, targets, ideas and polling the existing members on vision and mission of the MMC moving forward. The information gathered here drives the development of the MMC proposition statement and tagline.

Thursday, April 30

Sponsorship package is refined with the team to assure language is updated for the long-term and partnership push through suppliers, private and public contractors, and govt’s. An article is posted on ModCoach News about Vaughan Buckley and the MMC – https://www.modcoachnews.com/2020/04/who-are-modular-constructions-new.html

Wednesday, April 29

Campaigns launched for review and testing. Data begins to pour in.

Tuesday, April 28

MMC social outreach plan refined to include direct messaging campaign through focused MMC contact. Message shifts from short-term to long-term solutions for both Social and GeoFence campaigns to include message testing with specific audiences to see what message delivers the most impact. The MMC Foundation begins to take shape for sponsorship dollars to begin savings for the construction of prototypes to be used in the field.

Monday, April 27

Begin final formal declarations from interested members to sign-up. Agreements reached with several suppliers willing to provide materials for free, or at discounted rates for MMC to build units.

Sunday, April 26

Work begins on development of creative for the next phase of MMC digital and social media campaign to drive awareness, conversion and lead generation. Focus is specific to audience with A/B testing platform to gauge message and engagement rates.

Friday, April 24

MMC drafts letter and definition of initiative to VA Secretary Robert Wilke and US Senator Lott. Work on MMC Vision, Mission Statement, and the long-term future business plan begins.

Thursday, April 23

HUD document completed in new brand guidelines and sent to contacts. Meetings begin with KPMG about how investment into the MMC in OpZones can fund the org AND have a backend donation built into the Foundation. Prep begins for next MMC meeting with focus factory members, future state, and value proposition for business expansion.

Wednesday, April 22

Campaign strategy defined, and plan begins development into several pieces for refined message dependent on audience. New rendering creation begins for facades of MMC building options.

Tuesday, April 21

HUD MMC document revised to new brand guidelines while including more learned information to help expand reach.

Monday, April 20

Meeting to discuss long-term strategy and refining messages on revamped collateral to address multiple customer bases. MMC branding development begins refinement with specific guidelines and identity requirements. Expansion of team to bring in strategist focused on building out expansive digital campaigns to drive national lead generation for the MMC.

Sunday, April 19

Comparison document is refined and completed and then converted for easy view within the HUD document.

Saturday, April 18

Revised animation provided for the lifecycle of the MMC multi-solution standardize footprint. Team members from Studio, Manufacturing, and Construction finalize proposal for potential client in Nevada for 12 modules containing 42+ beds, meal prep areas, nursing stations, labs, gathering areas, and maintenance areas throughout. Work continues on the development of HUD document.

Friday, April 17

Detailed pricing comparison is created for specific refence to how MMC standardized process/pricing relates to conventional on-site construction solution.

Thursday, April 16

Work continues on HUD document. Redesign on GeoFence campaign assets begins to pivot on message to reach broader audience for long-term plans. Discussions begin with PR and analytic firms to increase penetration with media and celebrity partnership opportunities.

Wednesday, April 15

Several suppliers commit to discounted and rebate programs through agreements with the MMC. As things progress, the MMC plans for updated approach to make sure long-term goals in place to assure standardized plans can provide solutions for multiple agency needs. Bids submitted for projects in Nevada, NC, and overseas. Website sees almost 2K visitors in less than 3 weeks with almost 4K page views. Social media and GeoFence ad campaign see over 2.1MM impressions in 3 weeks leading to over 500 conversions and 30 form clicks. MMC has over 300 followers across social platforms in 3 weeks.

Tuesday, April 14

Development begins on the HUD document for Rapid Housing Solutions to submit to Secretary Ben Carson and team. New targeted LinkedIn campaign begins with 5-day run based on converting visits to specific pages for lead generation. Team preps for MMC member meeting. Analytics run on the website and campaigns to review for meeting and effectiveness.

Monday, April 13

Vaughan Buckley and Colby Swanson participate in interview with Dave Cooper Live at 11 am discussing all aspects of the creation, needs, and objectives of the MMC with fantastic engagement throughout. The Link was shared throughout Social sites and will be shared on website for further interaction.

Saturday, April 11

Work to establish sponsorship program finance tracking and proper allocation of funds.

Friday, April 10

DM campaign through social and email was launched to contact specific decision makers directly to gain visibility and drive business with micro-outreach. VBC | Studio provides first round design for animated graphic around the full process from Manufacturing to final set of the SCU footprints. Prep work to establish specific page on website to drive traffic for Vaughan Buckley and Colby Swanson live interview with David Cooper to traffic driven by the vlog is trackable. In addition, specific form fields developed to make sure we can gauge conversion rate to assure we are getting business engagement.