We are excited to share with you the first installment of our learning from the Mod-X conference in Japan.

The Mod-X group brought together global leaders in volumetric and off-site construction to tour Japanese factories and network with Japanese industry leaders. Representatives from companies that specialize in steel and wood panels, steel volumes and, like us, wood volumes. The Japanese volumetric industry is very different than the U.S, they build much smaller modules (not much bigger than a U.S. bathroom) and they transport them with a standard size truck and lift them with a very small crane, setting a module in around 6 minutes. In Japan, the roads are much smaller and transporting large objects, like we do in the U.S. is nearly impossible.We got to spend time with some old friends on the trip (Helena Lidelow and Ola Magnusson were in attendance from Lindbacks, in Sweden) and we made some new friends too, like the folks from Katerra and Google [X]. It was great to be surrounded by so many smart individuals who believe in the future of off-site construction. We all had different opinions regarding efficient methodology, but we all believe the current system of on-site construction is flawed.

The University was an interesting experience and the Japanese are very proud of what they do and how they do it. They definitely have it down to a science. Even though we may not want to build the types of homes they do, the speed and volume of units that they produce is mind blowing. One factory can produce 10,000 modules per year!!! 40+ in a single day.

We are excited about the connections we made and what we learned from our trip to ModX. As we continue to discuss, there will be much more shared about this trip, our experiences and learnings. Stay tuned as we continue this series after this first installment.