VBC | Manufacturing

510 N Broad

Phase 1 manufacturing has been complete, phase 2 is being finished and phase 3 has started.

We want to take the time to thank the VBC | Manufacturing team for pulling together so well over the last couple of months and consistently hitting our production numbers. Great job, team!

VBC | Construction

American St.

  • As previously mentioned, we have received TCO and are working with the elevator company to finish the project and get the CO!
  • The roof trellis is complete and the roof deck looks fantastic.
  • The units are 99% complete and we anticipate building completion in January.

4233 Chestnut

  • We are working with our MEP contractors to complete the sprinkler, plumbing, electric and HVAC rough-ins
  • Carpentry work on the corridors, roof and units continues.
  • A factory team came up to work with the field team. Tommy King and John Thornsbury led the team as we continue connecting the factory and field teams together.
  • The facade work was started by HOW General Contractors.

19th Street

  • We are working on closing up the building and prepping for the skylight.
  • MEP rough-ins are underway
  • Grading and prep work for the garage and garage ramp are ongoing.

N. Broad Street

  • The factory continues building the modules and Clemons Construction built the first tower crane this past Saturday.

VBC | Manufacturing Team Visit

  • Vaughan, Bill Goldstein, Feliks Knysh and Rob Schmalbach went to lunch with the factory team at Pat and Genos for some cheesesteaks.
  • The team visited Broad St. to get some context for the project that is currently being manufactured in Hamlet.
  • Tommy King, Sara Logan and Tyler Fuller also visited the Broad St. site previously.