VBC | Manufacturing

American Street

We have shipped American Street! The last box to ship left the factory on 3/16/20.


We have taken precautions surrounding the coronavirus including temperature checks, additional hand sanitizer, social distancing standards, etc.

Bath Pod Line

We are continuing to see improvements in our bath pod line. We are excited about what this means for the Hamlet, NC plant and the rest of the company in the future.

Epicor Implementation

We are excited about the continuing implementation of the Epicore ERP system in the plant. A number of our teams have either completed training or are continuing their training on the system.

Plant Competition

We had a new competition in the plant, “nail driving”. Each Supervisor had a team represented. The final area won! The attached pic from left to right: John Thornsbury, Chris “Chicken” Shepherd, Joe Cole, James “Nephew” Smith, Lloyd Kennedy, and kneeling is team captain Randy McGee. Head bowed in defeat is framing supervisor Brian Steele. Trophy is “Yoda” Who is proudly displayed in the final area.

1st Place Nail Driving Team
1st Place Trophy – Yoda

RCC Fundraiser

RCC Fundraiser Gala

We had a team represent VBC at Richmond Community College. It is an annual fund raiser to help the students of the area get their college education. Money was raised to create several scholarships’ through the school. VBC team attending, Susan Harding, Clifton Dial, Chris Hurd, Dale Dixon and spouses.

VBC | Construction

VBC Construction has gone down to a small crew at 1150 N American St. We are continuing to make the building water tight and work on structural connections. We are following all of the guidelines to ensure the safety of our employees. This includes distancing, wearing gloves, and masks.
Other than that 19th St and 6128 Ridge Ave are shut down till the virus is contained.