VBC | Manufacturing

P.I.S.S. (Portable Industrial Sanitation Station)

As a response to the COVID crisis requirements, Mike Dick build 6 Portable Industrial Sanitation Stations to be used around the Hamlet manufacturing facility. We want to thank Mike for his vision and work in building these hand washing stations.

Big Horn

We are excited to announce that we are shipping all of the Big Horn project modules to Colorado! Congratulations to the team on a job well done.


Our team is manufacturing the modules for the Chestnut project in Philadelphia at a rate of 8 modules per week. At this rate, we will have completed 63 out of 145 units by the end of day on Friday, May 22. Even through this crisis, our team has remained committed and continued to stay focused on building the modules required for all of our VBC projects. We want to say “Thank You” for your steadfast focus and perseverance.

VBC | Construction

American Street

The American Street project has continued to progress.

All of the modules are set in place and the exterior work has started. In addition, all of the MEP subcontractors are working to finish up the interior of the building.

The ground floor is coming along nicely as we are moving forward with the underground pipe work.

Here is a video documenting some of the exciting things happening at the site:

4233 Chestnut

We are excited that the work at 4233 Chestnut has begun with HOW General Contracting moving forward with the site work. We are still on track to start setting the modules on August 8 and appreciate all of the hard work by our VBC | Manufacturing team to have these modules ready for the set.

The Vault

The team at The Vault is progressing toward finalizing the Certificate of Occupancy requirements in order for us to open the building. FF&E continues to be delivered and installed.

The marble restoration throughout the building is nearly complete with the exterior restoration scheduled to start in the next few days.

The fit & finish of all office spaces is nearly complete and we are excited to welcome the VBC personnel as well as members into the space in the coming weeks.