This On April 28th, VBC held its first company Town Hall hosted by Myles Biggs and Vaughan Buckley. In the Town Hall, Vaughan discussed the current state of the business as we navigate through these unprecedented times, and what we have learned through it to assure the business remains strong and is able to withstand unforeseen national emergencies like this in the future. In this candid interview, Vaughan talked about our strengths and weaknesses and how each of us plays such a vital role in VBC’s overall success. He discussed safety measure the company is taking to assure employee safety, how divisions in cities effected by the crisis are operating under new mandates, and the genesis behind the Modular Mobilization Coalition. We had great engagement from across our divisions asking questions about specific topics which Vaughan took the time to answer all of them. In the end, our first Town Hall proved what we already knew, the the VBC company and it’s family of team members are strong and well equipped to handle any adversity that comes our way with hard work, dedication, and exceptional innovation!