Volumetric Building Companies Announces Board of Director Appointments

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The six-member board is comprised of two VBC executives and four external partners 

 PHILADELPHIA, P.A. (July 12, 2022) – Volumetric Building Companies (VBC), a global leader in the construction sector with a focus on building the future through volumetric modular techniques, recently announced the appointment of its Board of Directors. 

The six members of the board are: 

  • Fred Tuomi, retired CEO and Trustee of Invitation Homes, the largest US single-family REIT and an active PropTech and Real Estate investor and advisor. Tuomi currently serves as a venture partner at Real Estate Technology Ventures (RETV), a venture fund focused on funding the growth of cutting-edge real estate technology companies for the multifamily and related industries. Tuomi’s expansive resume includes decades of experience in multifamily housing and in the residential rental market.  Prior to Invitation Homes, Tuomi spent nearly 20 years as Executive Vice President and President of Property Management at Equity Residential, the nation’s largest multifamily real estate investment trust. Tuomi has extensive private and public board experience, currently serving on the boards of SmartRent (NYSE:SMRT), Lessen, Avant Stay, and UltraClean Express. He serves as an affiliate partner for the private equity firm Lindsay Goldberg, LLC, as an advisor to Second Avenue and First Key Homes and as a board member of Cure Violence Global, a non-profit dedicated to the interruption of violence in the world and ranked 9th in NGOs globally. Tuomi will act as chairman of the Board of Directors for VBC. 


  • Robyn Beavers, co-founder and CEO of Blueprint Power, a New York City-based tech company acquired by BP in 2021, working with regional groups of real estate companies to turn their portfolios into power plants. Beavers has extensive experience in clean energy, founding and leading Google’s first multimillion dollar environmental strategy group. Her background also includes managing corporate venture investments in emerging real estate tech companies and founding a Bloomberg-sponsored global non-governmental organization working with Fortune 500 companies. 


  • Vaughan Buckley, founder and CEO of Volumetric Building Companies, a vertically integrated modular construction leader offering a proprietary turnkey volumetric modular solution to mitigate risks and maximize efficiencies. Buckley has more than a decade of experience in the modular construction sector with a focus on high-density multifamily housing, rental properties and hotels in urban areas. Since founding VBC in 2009, Buckley, an Australian native, has built thousands of modular units across the globe, in cities such as Philadelphia, New York and London. In 2020, he founded the Modular Mobilization Coalition, the world’s largest modular factory coalition of private companies featuring more than 4,000 employees and a combined annual revenue of $500 million.  


  • Rod Copes, former chief operating officer of Rivian Automotive, an American electric vehicle and automotive technology company with a goal of reaching carbon neutrality. Copes has a vast knowledge of the mobility industry as well as experience in effectively scaling global companies. Before his executive position at Rivian, Copes spent nearly 20 years with Harley-Davidson in various roles, eventually serving as senior vice president of global sales and customer service, before becoming the president of Royal Enfield North America. 


  • Adam Hieber, executive vice president of PIMCO, a global investment management firm focused on active fixed income management worldwide. Hieber has a strong understanding of the global landscape, serving in multiple roles focusing on international offices. Prior to joining PIMCO, he was an operating partner and head of portfolio performance management for SoftBank’s locations in Tokyo and London. Hieber also acted as managing director and president of the global operating team for Cerberus Capital Management for more than a decade, working across multiple sectors including real estate strategies. 


  • Sam Tikriti, president and chief operating officer of Volumetric Building Companies. Tikriti has spent decades leading companies within the real estate, manufacturing, and construction spaces including ModSpace. During his stint at ModSpace, Sam had the opportunity to grow and lead integrated design, manufacturing, construction, and asset management services, while delivering some of the industry’s largest and most notable commercial projects. Sam’s background and extensive experience in industrialized construction are invaluable to the growth and sustainability of Volumetric Building Companies. 



“Each of our board members brings a unique wealth of expertise and impressive experience that will be pivotal in providing direction as we continue to expand VBC,” said Buckley, who has grown the company from two employees to more than 550. “We are honored to have this talented group of individuals serve as trusted advisors as VBC continues to work toward its mission of driving construction innovation to enhance society. We understand we there is a housing crisis that needs to be addressed, and we believe the modular sector is a critical part of the solution.” 


Volumetric Building Companies has offices in four countries. The company focuses on producing sustainable, multifamily buildings in high-density urban areas, with more than 4000 completed units throughout the United States, United Kingdom, the Caribbean, and Europe. 


For more information about Volumetric Building Companies or to apply, please visit www.vbc.co. Follow along with the latest news on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. 

About Volumetric Building Companies:  

Volumetric Building Companies is a vertically integrated global volumetric modular construction leader headquartered in Philadelphia, PA with locations across the United States and Europe. Utilizing their technology-enabled design and engineering model, precision-driven manufacturing capabilities, and project-proven modular construction expertise, the company’s focus is on building the future by providing high quality, sustainably produced buildings in less time across varied market sectors. To learn more, visit www.vbc.co 


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