Say Aloha to the OHANA Lodges in Germany's Premier Water Park &  Resort Tropical Islands

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Germany might not typically be seen as a tropical destination, but this resort transforms that perception entirely. Located 60km from Berlin Germany, Parques Reunidos, in partnership with Volumetric Building Companies (VBC) have just opened the doors to the OHANA Lodges in Krausnick’s Tropical Islands resort. 


OHANA Lodges combine factory-manufactured volumetric modular construction with the highest standards of comfort with direct access to all Tropical Islands attractions and facilities.


The project stands as a testament to the possibilities of modular construction especially when faced with challenges that traditional construction can’t touch. 



Project Details 

Style and functionality were key terms for this project. In its 6,983-square-metre, five-storey layout, the lodge holds 150 fully furnished hotel bedrooms with three different room layouts:

  • 104 family rooms
  • 37 double rooms
  • 9 deluxe double rooms

The family rooms can accommodate up to 2 adults and three children, providing potential accommodation for over 600 people in total. All these rooms are decorated in Polynesian-Hawaiian style, adding to the relaxing tropical getaway ambiance.


53643512168_58cf229b6c_o (1)

VBC built the accommodations rising above the ground floor appropriately named OHANA Town, which features six bowling alleys, a karaoke box, darts and billiards room, bar, and restaurant. All of this made possible through VBC’s modular construction approach, which couldn’t have come sooner. 


The Challenges and the Modular Solution 

Before partnering with Volumetric Building Companies, Parques Reunidos originally designed the project to be built through traditional construction, however, they soon ran into several big problems: 

  • Limited space to hold materials and equipment
  • A tight timeline
  • The adjacent resort had to stay open to keep revenue flowing 

Traditional construction was eventually deemed unfeasible within these confines, but modular construction came to the rescue (with some bonuses along the way). 


More than Manufacturing 

At the initial development stages of the project, the VBC team worked with the client to identify cost efficiencies within the design and material selection, providing in-house expertise that is typically provided by external consultants. 


Rather than drafting an entirely new design, VBC took the extensive plans and looped in their own design team to collaborate with Parques Reunidos and tweaked the original design. Putting the needs of the client first VBC went one step further by including details like:

  • Interface details for elevations and roof interfaces
  • Factory-fitted glazing and window solutions
  • Fully factory-installed finishes, fixtures, fittings, and equipment

Soon after, they had a refreshed plan suitable for modular construction. 


tropical island exterior crane (1)



Construction officially broke ground in March 2023 with a team of builders preparing the site and building the ground floor that would eventually become OHANA Town. 


Meanwhile, each steel module was built in VBC’s European off-site manufacturing centre in Poland. It's not just framing and plaster board either. The manufacturing centre holds all the materials and equipment to build everything from the finishes down to the furniture. 


Furniture and Interior Design 

Maintaining the style and brand of the client was important. Sticking close to the name of the lodge (Ohana meaning “family” in Hawaiian) Parque Reunidos wanted the interiors to feel like the perfect destination for families. With this in mind, VBC's specialist furniture and fit-out company - Polcom Furniture - team collaborated with the client and their specialist designer to realize the design's aesthetic and quality requirements, staying within the client's budget and ensuring the elements could be manufactured in our in-house furniture facility, and included in the final modules before shipping. 



Bedrooms are furnished in a tropical vacation land feel, while bathrooms are designed with a modern contrast. 


Strategic Delivery 

Delivery of the modules, shipped already completed and furnished, to the site was carefully managed to ensure they were available only when required, reducing the amount of heavy traffic visiting the site, minimising the space needed for installation, and removing the need for onsite storage. This approach not only streamlined the construction process but also minimised disruptions to the surrounding resort. 


By coordinating precise delivery schedules and just-in-time logistics, the project maintained efficiency and reduced overall costs. Additionally, this method allowed for a cleaner and safer work environment, contributing to the timely and successful completion of the project. 


Ready for Relaxation 

The entire project was completed less than 13 months from ground breaking- a time frame 40% quicker than the traditional construction approach. Doors were opened on April 8th of 2024, staying within the client’s timeline and keeping their business projections on track. 


An impressive 90% of the building was completed in the factory, streamlining the process and ensuring consistent quality. This all-inclusive partnership also saved the client 2% on design fees, while the efficient construction methods reduced waste by 10%. This innovative approach not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering a top-quality resort ready for relaxation and enjoyment. 


Discover the Benefits of Modular Construction 

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