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VBC works with clients all over the globe with our teams based in London, Ireland, Poland, California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. We are committed to helping clients solve critical challenges when it comes to developing a volumetric modular construction project.

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Making sense of your modular project.


Moving into the project feasibility phase requires signing a contract, which is typically in the $5,000-$7,000 range.
Deliverables from this contract are:

Test Fit. VBC Studio will provide three design options that are optimized for manufacturing based off the floor plan or client inputs we receive.

Polcom Furniture by VBC can also design and manufacture furniture fit-outs.

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Pricing. After the test fit package is completed VBC will provide you with budget estimates for your project.

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Logistical Feasibility. During this milestone, the pre-construction team will review all logistics required for a modular project including reviewing crane access, transportation plans, loading, street, and port access.

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Baseline Schedule. You'll receive a schedule for design, preliminary manufacturing, shipping date, as well as completion date for your project.

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Project delivery phases.


A Pre Construction Services Agreement is required to continue. This contract covers permitting and approvals.



Kickoff the design phase with a weekly Studio meeting.

In this phase, our Studio team will rely on the client’s AOR to provide a variety of critical inputs like window legends, louvers, and roof loading. We’ll also provide an initial logistics plan, and end the phase with a schematic design sign-off.


Design Development

Create a more detailed and refined design.

In Design Development our clients finalize their design decisions and lock in their production slot. BIM models will be created and QTOs are released.


Construction Documentation

Finalize the modular specifications.

In this phase, the construction documents are finalized. VBC has long-term partnerships with structural engineering firms in wood and steel, as well as life safety and code consulting, accessibility consulting, fire sprinkler engineering, and MEP engineering, that can be called upon as needed. 


Approvals Permitting Phase

Construction drawings are stamped.

In this phase, the BIM model and QTOs are released, drawings are approved by engineers, and approvals are finalized with the local government. Congratulations! It's time to move into manufacturing. 


To move into a Manufacturing Contract with VBC the client needs to show proof of funding as well as have a building permit to ensure the project is entitled.



Project is prepared for modular manufacturing.

Here, a full manufacturing project review is completed, 100% of all needed materials and finishes are purchased, and the manufacturing shop drawing BIM model is completed. The project is prepped for going to the line.



Project is manufactured, wrapped, and prepared for transit.

The project goes through VBC’s modular assembly line. During this process, the modules are inspected and stamped by state authorities. VBC conducts a full quality control process and the units are wrapped and prepped for delivery.


Transportation, set, and construction services contracts are available after consultation.


Transportation, Set & Construction

Your project is delivered and finalized.

Modules are delivered to the site, staged, and set according to the project set sequence. VBC offers transportation and set anywhere globally. The client also has the option to use their own transportation and set services.

In select locations, VBC offers full construction services.