Affordable Housing Centered Around Urban Redevelopment And Keeping Families In Their Neighborhoods.

5 Multi-Family housing units designed to fit on a standard sixteen-foot wide infill lot.
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  • Number of Units: 5
  • Square Footage: 6,650 sq ft
  • Construction Timeline: 6.5 Months
  • Completion year: 2023
  • Developer: HACE
  • Asset Class: Multi-Family

In partnership with HACE - a Philadelphia community development group, VBC produced a two-story townhome, affordable Multi-Family housing development in the outer city of Philadelphia. These townhomes are perfect for families, with three comfortable bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The building style was optimal to fit on a standard sixteen-foot wide infill lot around the city, focusing on identifying vacant properties for redevelopment and making them available for sale to low- and moderate-income homebuyers. By utilizing this design and development model in Philadelphia and on a larger scale in similar markets on the East Coast – additional affordability levers can be triggered.

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