Doctors Have Enough Challenges, Insufficient Beds Should Not Be One Of Them.

VBC is developing a library of rapidly deployable healthcare bed and ward support products.

Technical design components for rapid deployment.

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Our healthcare product library combines best-in-class design with the future of health 4.0 requirements.

At the center of our product design process is our client. We’ve focused on best-in-class post-pandemic planning, staff well-being, and regulatory compliance. Our product catalog includes, endoscopy, imaging, minor ops and procedure suite, clinical offices, main outpatient care, pre-op suite, acute impatient ward, proton therapy, and radio therapy. This is achieved through the development of Chassis, Pods, Sub-clusters, Master clusters, Departments and ultimately configured full Buildings.

See what modular can do for you.

The platform product solution responds to the need for control, certainty, resilience, flexibility and rapid roll out requirements.


A plug-and-play system that won’t get in the way of operations.

Modular offers the benefit of reduced disruptions on healthcare campuses. Using a productised approach VBC can go from a manufacturing contract to a fully functional hospital in a 12-months.


New challenges require flexible solutions.

Diseases are evolving, are we?

Hospitals need the flexibility to adapt to rapidly changing challenges. Our healthcare products can stand alone, tie into existing hospitals, or even be reconfigured on-site at a later date.


Rapid response.

The need is dire. The timeline is immediate.

From chronic underinvestment in healthcare, an aging population, ballooning wait lists, and the impacts of COVID, hospitals are struggling at capacity. VBC offers a configurable solution that can be implemented at half the speed of traditional construction methods.

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Meet the future of healthcare.

This turn-key approach to design and manufacturing will transform the industry, and level up the solution to meeting the demand hospitals so desperately require, while providing the answer to both patient care and political problems that continue to grow.

A sustainable future benefits all our families.

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We are investing in sustainability on so many fronts, from the power that goes into our factories, to the design choices in our products, to new pathways to reuse and recycle materials.

Victoria Owens

Sr. Sustainability Manager, Volumetric Building Companies