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Minimal disruptions to campus life.

A modular student housing project can cut construction time in half.

This acceleration is possible because design and construction teams can work in parallel to develop both the digital documentation and the subsequent physical structures.

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Unparalleled modular experience.

With more than $3.6B of real estate built and 6,000 modules delivered, VBC stands above the rest.

VBC has a 10-year track record in modular construction, showcasing our adaptability and expertise in delivering high-quality and efficient solutions across diverse geographical locations.

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A greener way to build the future.

Our buildings have 40% less embodied carbon.

From the power that goes into our factories to the design choices in our products, to new pathways to reuse and recycle materials, VBC is leading the charge on a sustainable future.

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324 Living Units for University Students Built in Record Time.

VBC teamed up with BG Capital to provide housing near the Temple University campus in Philadelphia. For any student housing project, it's crucial to deliver the construction quickly and with minimum site disruption. The North 11th project was completed in 40% less time than the traditional on-site construction, adding 324 more living units to the neighborhood.

Two framing systems at your disposal.

If you're looking to work with wood or steel, we have the ultimate solutions for you.
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Wood. VMX is a stacking building system that offers both modifiable and configurable options.  The modifiable option provides flexible layouts and sizes within our system parameters.  The configurable option offers fixed layouts except for the overall module length and exterior articulation. Configurability provides our customers with more certainty in cost and time reductions, while still offering flexibility.

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Steel. VMX Steel US is a configurable steel building system comprised of modules, steel plate corridors, and buckling-restrained braces. VMX Steel EU is a modifiable stacking building system that can be adapted to meet project and/or jurisdiction requirements.

A sustainable future benefits all our families.

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We are investing in sustainability on so many fronts, from the power that goes into our factories, to the design choices in our products, to new pathways to reuse and recycle materials.

Victoria Owens

Sr. Sustainability Manager, Volumetric Building Companies