We Believe Sustainability
Is More Than A Buzzword.

Discover our commitment to sustainable building solutions that benefit the construction industry.

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The construction industry accounts for 39% of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. We’re on a mission to change that.

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Why is our volumetric off-site process more sustainable than on-site construction?

Off-site prefabrication is a construction process that takes place in a controlled factory environment, away from the construction site. This process helps to reduce site impacts such as noise, dust, and disruption, as well as emissions from heavy equipment. Centralized prefabrication facilities can establish long-term relationships with technology partners and suppliers to consistently source higher quality and innovative materials. Additionally, due to the volume of materials being used, these facilities can encourage material reuse and recycling.

40% Less embodied carbon but don’t take our word for it...

We're integrating technology that will enable us to provide our clients
with a carbon footprint for every project.


A more efficient way to build.

3,200 solar panels power our factory. The Tracy factory generates 1,700 megawatt hours annually. That’s enough to power 900 homes for a year or build a lot of sustainable housing.

Keep the trees in the forest. We are striving to integrate eco-friendly materials such as bamboo and recycled products that have a net-negative carbon footprint.

Leverage low voltage electricity. Low voltage fixtures use 50% less energy, resulting in savings during installation, operation, and longer lifespan.

High end performance comes standard. The integration of advanced technology may reduce total energy usage by 50% compared to site-built construction. A 30% improvement may save $1,000 per unit annually.

"We are investing in sustainability on so many different fronts, from the power that goes into our factories, to the design choices in our products, to new pathways to resuse and recycle materials."

Sr. Sustainability Manager,
Volumetric Building Companies


We recycle like the earth depends on it.

Keeping 1 ton of lumber per day out of landfills. VBC is working with a circular economy partner to upcycle lumber cutoffs into studs and engineered wood.

We recycle 420 tons of drywall annually. That’s the equivalent of 10 herds of elephants. Drywall offcuts go to a drywall producer who grinds it up and reuses it.

We recycle all our steel scrap. A maximum of 10 tons of steel scrap can be generated by a single project, which is then recycled without waste.