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An IRR that jumps off the page.

A high interest rate and a low loan to value? It’s time to try modular.

Find opportunities where other projects don’t pencil. On average, VBC’s modular projects are 40-60% faster resulting in a 20-25% increase in IRR. Despite the interest rate, you can find compelling new developments.

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Desirable apartments renters queue up for.

An open floor plan and a modern feel, check.

Our VMX line of finishes provides developers options for luxury finishes at affordable prices. Select anything from flooring, bathroom fixtures, to cabinets to customize your building.

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A schedule that’ll lead to less gray hairs.

Rain or shine, sleet or snow, we’re still building.

Our increased production speed decreases construction risk. Plus, VBC can produce up to 25,000 square feet of modules per week. Our three state-of-the-art factories are ready to serve you.

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"In construction, you often hear there’s speed, quality, and cost and you can pick only two. We give you all three."

DENIS Mangifesta,
Biz Dev Manager,
Volumetric Building Companies

Explore our ready-made product library.


Build your proforma at lightning speed with our ready-made product library.

Our configuration software takes VBC’s standard catalog of units combined with proprietary algorithms to create hundreds of test fit options in a fraction of the time. Pair this with VBC’s high fidelity estimation tools and you can optimize your proforma and get building faster.

Two framing systems at your disposal.

If you want to work with wood or steel, we have the ultimate solutions for you.
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Wood. VMX Wood is a modifiable or configurable stacking building system. When it is modifiable, layouts and sizes are flexible within our system parameters. When it is configurable, layouts are fixed except for the overall module length and exterior articulation. Configurability grants the customer more certainty in cost and time reductions while still allowing for some flexibility.

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Steel. VMX Steel US is a configurable steel building system comprised of modules, steel plate corridors, and buckling-restrained-braces. VMX Steel EU is a modifiable stacking building system which can be adapted to meet project and/or jurisdiction requirements.

A sustainable future benefits all our families.

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We are investing in sustainability on so many fronts, from the power that goes into our factories, to the design choices in our products, to new pathways to reuse and recycle materials.

Victoria Owens

Sr. Sustainability Manager